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Welcome to School Council

I like doing Gold Maths because it gives me a challenge.

Kai, Year 4




Our School Council provides opportunity for children to voice their opinions within the school and have their views taken into account in decisions which impact upon them.


At the start of every school year, those interested in becoming part of the School Council submit a short speech explaining why they would like to represent their year group and why they believe they can make a difference. An election then takes place where all children vote for one member from each school year group.


School Council meets once a month to feedback thoughts and opinions arising from current events and share ideas of how school life can be improved. Recently, the School Council has been actively involved with events such as Anti-Bullying Week, interviewing new members of staff and various fund raising opportunities such as Comic Relief and Children in Need.


Longworth School Council prides itself on representing the views of all pupils and working hard to get things done.