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I like Big Maths because it's hard and fun and easy and impossible and awesome!

Edythe, Class 3




Every child should be reading at least five times a week. In Otter and Hedgehog Class this might be independent reading up to three times a week but will include having stories read to them and their reading being listened to. This is mainly to increase fluency and to nurture a love for reading as they move through the school.  Please write in your child's reading diary when you listen to them read. Contextual understanding (ability to predict, summarise and interpret) is taught at school during literacy and guided reading sessions.


Weekly Spellings/Phonics

In Fox Class children are learning the phonetic sounds and learning how to link these with early reading.

In Hedgehog and Otter Class, children are given weekly spellings. Five spellings are given on Monday which all have a related spelling pattern. The children investigate many words with this pattern throughout the week. At the end of the week, the children are tested on ten words all of which contain this spelling pattern.



Every child knows their ‘maths target’ which is what they are trying to achieve in maths. This should be practised with your child about three times a week.  Follow the links below to find out your child's maths target.The child does not need to return this but if they achieve the target a new one will be given.


Weekly Guided Reading Homework:

In Otter Class each child is given a task and homework activity from their weekly guided reading session. The children have an hour in school which they could choose to do their task and homework or alternatively the children complete this activity at home.


In year 6 the children are offered workbooks in preparation for their end of year tests. The children are given opportunity to complete these at school and there is no stipulation on how much should be done at home.

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