Longworth Primary red rose simple


I like the teachers because they design a load of good lessons.

Charlie H




Mrs. Cotton and Miss Bowerman are the teachers in Hedgehog class. Mrs Harkin and Mrs Jones also support the children with their learning.


Our topic this term will be ‘Towers, Turrets & a Sprinkling of Saxons.’ During this topic we will focus on why castles were built, who lived in them and daily life using a range of different sources. As part of our topic we will be visiting Warwick Castle. This is a fantastic trip as it will really help bring the past to life and give the children a real sense of what it might have been like to have lived in a castle in a time when there were no modern day comforts. Hopefully none of us will be put in the dungeon!


After our Warwick Castle trip, we will be delving even further back in time to discover all about the Anglo-Saxons, asking questions such as were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing as Horrible Histories suggest? King Alfred and his cakes will be studied to give our history a local theme. We will then turn our attention to finding out about Saxon names and life-style. All Anglo-Saxons must have been able to make clay pots, split logs, use wattle and daub and make pennies so of course we must do too! We will think of ways that we can turn our classroom into an Anglo-Saxon settlement whilst linking in some creative maths such as learning about their calendars, weights and measures.


It's going to be an exciting term!